cycling betting

What is road cycling betting?

Cycling includes several disciplines, one of which is road cycling. Its history dates back to 1868. A little later, he became one of the disciplines of the Olympics (since 1896).
The main feature is that the races take place only on asphalt tracks, and road bikes are used as a tool. They are distinguished by their lightweight, well-thought-out design for fast driving and a specific shape of the steering wheel called “ram’s horns”. These features allow the athlete to quickly gain speed. Unfortunately, it is problematic to ride on a rocky surface.
Can the average person discover this sport? Of course, he can! If earlier road riding was considered from the point of view of professional sports, today it has become popular among amateurs. In the modern world, this discipline is regarded not only as a hobby or leisure but also as an effective tool for doing business.

What are the benefits of cycling betting?

  • Predictability. Usually, in biking championships there are 1-3 clear favorites who are more likely to win the race, bookmakers provide odds from 1.5 to 8.0, all other athletes have low chances of winning (odds>10).
  • Availability of information. Top biking championships are well covered in the media. Statistics, expert opinions, forecasts for competitions, video reviews, interviews with cyclists are fully available online.
  • Availability of video broadcasts. Top races can be watched live on satellite TV, for example, on the sports TV channel Eurosport, or over the Internet – on various online sports broadcasting services and in bookmakers with streaming support.
  • Individual sport. It is easier to analyze the physical and psychological shape of one athlete than the whole team.


What are the disadvantages of cycling betting?

  • A low number of events. The largest biking races are well represented in the line of bookmakers, but the main problem is that there are few competitions in the year.
  • Narrow option range. The range of side stakes in cycling is very limited. The main outcome can be attributed only to bets on the winner of the bicycle competition
    – this type of bet usually has increased limits and is available for all offered bicycle races.
  • In order to make successful cycling predictions, each person must know not only the basic provisions of the bookmaker’s office, in which he will place stakes, but also understand all the varieties of this discipline and their requirements.

Is it worth betting on cycling?

If you want to gamble on this discipline, then, first of all, you should know the difference between the types of races on the terrain of the tracks (the above-mentioned mountain, sprint stages, and so on) and realize that almost every athlete has a strict specialization.
To develop the correct tactics for biking forecasts, it is necessary to pay more attention to cycling in general, or at least to major competitions, such as the Giro d’Italia, Vuelta, etc. Most often, bettors make stakes on the victory of a particular rider in the race either at the next stage or bet on which of several riders will take the higher position at the finish line.
We recommend to analyze bicycle races in the system after studying the rating of cyclists. Only by following the advice of professional bettors and learning the secrets of a successful game, you will be able to bet on this sport and in case of success to receive additional income to basic earnings. Also, over time, you can become a professional analyst who will create their own forecasts for cycling and get real money for it.

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