to bet on cycling

What are the main types of cycling betting?

There are two major forms of cycling betting: road cycling and velodrome gambling. As for the first category, the best online bookmakers mainly cover the following UCI Pro Tour series:

  • Paris-Nice. “Race to the sun”. Time: mid-March. Duration: 1 week
  • Tour of the Basque Country. “A race for good climbers.” Time: early April. Duration: 1 week
  • Giro d’Italia. One of three Grand Tours, the race lasts 21 days and is held between 3.000 km and 4.000 km. Period: May-early June. Duration: 3 weeks.
  • Tour of Switzerland. Time: June. Duration: 1 week.
  • Tour de France. The third-largest race in the world, broadcasting in over 140 countries. Period: July. Duration: 3 weeks.
  • Tour of Germany. The main cycling race in Germany. Time: August. Duration: 1 week.
  • Vuelta Spain. One of the three Grand Tours, where the competition lasts 21 days and is held between 3,000 km and 4,000 km, is divided into 20 separate stages. Period: late August-September. Duration: 21 days.
  • Tour of Poland. The major cycling race in Poland. Time: September. Duration: 1 week.

How to bet on cycling effectively?

When choosing bets on cycling, it is best to use the most common contests, which are more profitable than the rest of the contests. You should rely on the following criteria:

  • Statistics. Study the statistics of the most productive athletes (favorites of the upcoming competition). When considering the ranking of cyclists, also do not lose sight of young and promising athletes who can occupy lower positions not because of poor performances, but because of their short competitive history.
  • Cyclist style. Determine the specialization of the cyclist – the characteristic style that the cyclist has on different parts of the track. For instance, there are athletes who demonstrate excellent results in the mountains, the second are better at overcoming flat terrain, the third are good at short / long distances, the quadruples are all-rounders, combine several styles, and can equally well feel in different conditions of the route.
  • Motivation. Strong athletes can show excellent results in prestigious contests, and in less notable competitions they often yield to less titled opponents. Among the main factors that can cause these outcomes is the rider’s motivation.
  • Current form. Try to determine the current shape of the cyclist, especially before the long races of the Grand Tour.
  • Weather forecast. When considering bets on multi-day biking, evaluate the weather forecast, because weather conditions (precipitation, heat, strong wind) can significantly affect the performance of athletes. In case of bad weather foreshadowing, it is better to refrain from betting on favorites.

Is it profitable to bet on cycling?

Some fans wrongly think that since this sport is not as popular as, for example, football, then it makes no sense to gamble on it. The fact is that, firstly, its popularity is growing. Second, players are more likely to win big. Experienced players know the relationship here. This is why cycling gambling is becoming more and more in demand now.
Basically, bettors opt for one of two gambling options (or both): on the winner and on the best athlete. The latter assumes that the player will bet on one of the athletes who will show the best result in comparison with his rivals.
Nowadays, it is best to place stakes on cycling remotely – via the Internet, because it is convenient, profitable, and safe. Today the overwhelming number of gambling fans prefer to play online, and not in land-based bookmaker clubs, which still need to be reached, spending time and money on this.