24 Bottles

Another Italian masterpiece…

24 Bottles is an Italian brand which was established in Italy in 2013. They’re quite new in cycling industry but they have already managed to be in remarkable stores such as Tokyo Bike located in several countries. Their aim is to produce environmental friendly products with a little touch of Italian style. They frankly say that they are allergic to unpleasant products and doing their best to stay out of boring designs. Sustainability, fashion sense and practicality details are visible on both the brand and their products.

We had chance to test almost all of their product range and it is really easy to say that all their products were designed for people who love travelling. Their backpack can change its size depending on what they carry, stainless steel bottle which has great thermal insulation and their retro bottle holder for bicycles are their best selling productsAlso, the brand is really active on social media. Their Instagram page is always in touch with their customers and this gives them a huge pool of content. 

If their philosophy written on their website fits you well, you won’t regret when you buy their well-made, high quality products. It is also possible to have a custom bottle for your company.