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What are the betting rules of keirin?

One of the traditional Japanese sports “keirin” (literal translation – cycling) was invented after the end of the Second World War.
It is the most equal discipline in cycling. All participants must be in the same conditions, be equally prepared, and have the same bicycles. The length of the race is usually about 1.5 kilometers. It can be:

  • Six circles of 250 meters;
  • Four circles of 333 meters;
  • Four circles of 400 meters.

Since 2000, keirin has been included in the men’s Olympic program, since 2012 – in the women’s program. There are a number of significant differences from keirin at international competitions and from the same sport in his native Japan. This usually leads to a greater assumption of rigidity in Asian competitions.

What types of bets are good for keirin?

Now gambling on keirin is not very popular. However, some bookmakers have already included this sport in their lineup. Types of stakes on this sport are no different from standard bets on any type of race:

  • Winner stakes;
  • Stakes on first and second places in the order shown;
  • First and second places in random order;
  • The first three places in the specified order / random order.

Sometimes in the list you can also find stakes on the results of one competitive day. Keirin is megapopular in its native Japan, where most of the stakes on this cycling discipline are made. The average rate of stakes per year is estimated at 10 billion euros. If you study this sport now, then in the absence of competitors, you can win more.

What are the special features of betting on keirin?

Any type of cycling is a test of strength, endurance and character. Keirin is no exception. However, this discipline has its own characteristics:

  • The rider must be equally good at long-distance races and at the blitz finish. Versatile athletes have an advantage;
  • Not all cycle tracks are the same – different sizes, different inclines, different stands, etc. When analyzing, you should definitely take into account how this or the rider performs on a particular track;
  • A lot of ​​information. Since this sport invented specifically for betting, the organizers try to provide the maximum amount of information before the race;
    International competitions and Japanese races differ greatly in terms of severity. In Japan, there are more falls and injuries, and, as a result, the unpredictability of the result – underdogs often win;
  • Foreign athletes participating in Japanese competitions are not allowed above a certain level (F). This means that they (foreigners) do not compete against the best Japanese riders and win quite often.

How to place a bet and win?

When it comes to cycling, statistics and ratings play a big role. Mathematical analysis comes to the fore: you should evaluate the previous successes of each participant in the competition, read articles from leading experts regarding the leaders’ prospects for the race, and individually calculate the probable outcomes.
In cycling betting, every little thing matters. For example, the weather. Rain or cold snap will certainly affect the results of the competition.
A well-chosen method of play, game and financial strategies are great. But remember the unshakable rule: the question of favorites and outsiders in cycling is controversial. Today the leader takes a well-deserved place, and tomorrow he drops below the newcomers in the ranking.
Constantly evaluate the current situation and additional factors of games. In terms of strategies, start with proven pairs. Use proven practices, adjust them for yourself. Once you learn to feel the sport, you can experiment.


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