Orbea Avant M20D

In these days that even the conservative groupset brand Campagnolo has announced its new groupset which is compatible with disc brakes, Shimano has the top place with its hydraulic and dynamic disc brakes in this market.

While the place of hydraulic disc brake in peloton was being argued, hobby users welcomed this technology first with gravel then with endurance and lastly with proper road bikes.

The 175 year-old Spanish brand Orbea presented its 2015 model endurance bike that works with disc brakes. This bike series were renewed with little changes about colours and design in the new year. And as a result, disc and calliper brake frames were totally separated. The frame’s handling and riding characteristics developed highly since it just focuses on one brake system.

Orbea is one of the brands that make progress without considering the changes about brake system of bicycles. It moved the frame brake integration at the top level by taking disc-brake consistence one step forward. Its hydraulic hose that goes to front brake goes through the clip. The back brake hose goes through the frame totally and just sees the sunlight from the side of calliper. The brake calliper screws go through the back fork as the way special to Orbea. This specific feature makes the general condition stronger and contributes the road bicycles to stay plain and attractive.

2016 Orbea Avant M20D, is offered for sale with Shimano Ultegra groupset, Shimano R805 shifters with hydraulic brake levers and brake calliper. You can see FSA logo on Gossamer Pro crankset, finishing kit and chain. Wheels are Shimano RX-010 Clincher.

We tested the bike that came with  25 mm tires and seat post to us on rugged terrain with different distances and it impressed us with its comfort every time. It is possible to stay fresh after the long rides that have the same racetrack with Spring Classics. This can be a natural result of both the comfortable geometry and bike’s success to redeem the damages and vibrations.

Shimano hydraulic brakes offered us the best performance in very hard conditions even in mud. Even if 25 mm Vittoria Rubino Pro tires has performed enough on asphalt and over terrain, it is certain that a 28 mm tire can have a positive effect on riding.

When  4-5 hours riding are considered, the long head tube has advantages but it causes problems of the cornering performance because of the effect on the geometry of bicycle. Like the all endurance frames, Orbea Avant M20D can be firm on straight road, stable on rugged terrain but unwilling for the harsh corners. But through hydraulic brakes you have the chance to brake late, you don’t waste your time on winding roads.