Birzman BottleCleat

Almost always, lighter bikes are much more fun to ride. Easier to accelerate, climb, descent and even corner. That’s the reason, each of us are trying to get to save few grams from each parts we are purchasing. Most suitable saddle, but the lightest version; lighter tires, lighter tubes. Sometimes we all are choosing exotic parts like ultra-light handlebar tapes, but one of the parts we always stay traditional is the bottle and bottle cage, or we were.

Birzman is a Taiwanese brand, established in 2007 in Taiwan. Since then, they produce cycling accessories by following this two mottos:

-We are committed to producing tools that are more functionally efficient and durable.
-We are committed to producing tools that share the same pride of place as your bicycle.

With their BottleCleat bottle, it seems like they were successful to follow their goal. A high quality bottle designed to lock into the “pedal” on your frame like your cycling cleats. System works quite simple. First, you attach the bottle “cage” on your frame, depending if you want to use your right or left hand to drink water during the ride. Second, placing the bottle. Just aligne the bottom of the bottle and twist to lock.

And trust us, it is an easier task to do then write. It took us only 2 tries to perfect the motion and get the muscle memory use the bottle right. After that, it is not feeling any different than a regular bottle. After many hours of riding, with intentional jumps and passing on road cracks, bottle stayed in place perfectly. There are few more advantages of the system too. For example, you are able to use the bottle on smaller frames or when you are bikepacking, by loading and unloading it from the side. It is really light. 13 grams for the cage and bottle is only few grams heavier than a Camelbak Podium.

But because of the unique system, you are not able to get a bottle from the feeding point of the granfondo you join. Birzman still didn’t produce a tool bottle for the rides when you don’t need two bottles with you and here is the the biggest problem for us: We weren’t able to fit two BottleCleat’s on our size M Giant Propel.

We are thankful for for sending us the Birzman BottleCleat for testing.