Campagnolo Lubricant Grease

Maintenance of your bikes rolling parts are very important. Not having friction and in order to prevent the damage of balls and roller bearings because of the accumulation of dirt, you need to clean them periodically. This maintenance consists of just cleaning the accumulation of dirt and renew the grease that losing effect. This reduced or finished grease causes damage for the rolling part of your bike. If you don’t maintain in time, you need to change the bearing sleeves completely.  

You should carefully chose the grease you use with your steel or ceramic ball-bearings. The grease is used in order to reduce the effect of friction, pitting and energy lost. You can find mentioned grease in bike shops or online sites.

Another alternative for this kind of grease is the one produced by Campagnolo. Its name is Professional Lubricating Grease. For a long while, only Campagnolo was using it and you could not find this white grease in market. But now it is possible for you to order. It is sold in 100 ml bottles. At the beginning it was advised to use it just for Campagnolo products, but it can be used with any brand. Through this grease pitting is prevented. It is recommended to use with the center piece of wheel rim and bottom bracket. When you buy the bottle you don’t need to use it all at once. It is enough to use it with necessary parts. As it can be used for a long time, it’s better to buy and keep it handy. If you are not good at removing and installing parts, you can take your bike and grease to the bike shops. All you need to ask them to use your own grease.  

We call it as grease but not sure if it has the same structure with a proper grease. Apparently, our Italian uncles used something special for it and as usual they don’t share the formula with anyone.