Cinelli Nemo TIG

Cinelli was founded by professional cyclist Cino Cinelli in 1947. Since that day, the brand is known by its high-quality bike accessories, frames and bicycles. Nowadays, company has a range of frames starting from steel touring bikes bikes to aero carbon road frames.

But in 2018, why buy a fabricated steel bike? Antonio Colombo, President of Cinelli explains and we couldn’t agree more! “After many years of riding carbon I’ve returned to steel. Why? Because steel is in Cinelli’s DNA and with the Nemo it has successfully interpreted the latest steel technology to produce a frame that is extremely lightweight and filled with design details”

Nemo TIG is standing in the middle of the line and we can name him a modern steel bike. Made-in-Italy Nemo TIG has an aggressive geometry but can take tyres up to 28mm, like any modern climbing bike. Carefully crafted Columbus Omnicrom Spirit HSS tubes to create the oversized down-tube and conical head-tube, gives the bike the “bang” you need both on the climbs and the descents. Cinelli produces the bike with six different sizes, and there is also a custom made option available. All the options can be found on Cicli Corsa website.

Frame we tested weights a little over 1800 grams and 350 gram monocoque carbon fork matches it perfectly. For a bike equipped with latest Shimano Dura-Ace and Vision carbon clinchers, 8000 grams (including pedals and cages) might be a little too heavy maybe, but we can assure you that you will not feel the weight penalty, when you are riding up-hills.

Our test ride where we were climbing up to Bergamo’s very-well-known Selvino was able to made us really happy. On the downhill, steel rides like a dream! For the people would like to mix the past and the present, there is a disc-brake version available with only 150 grams weight penalty.

And finally, when we stopped in Bergamo for a coffee, our golden Nemo TIG was by far the prettiest bike in the town.