Cole C40 Lite

Cole is one of the brands that follows its own R&D departmant and now it is mentioned a lot in recent years. The brand has different kind of wheel sets that tubular and clincher. It bases on the endurance of equipments with its own innovative technology.

The carbon clincher Cole C40 Lite is a striking, durable and well-designed wheelset that we have tested with Merida Scultura 7000-E. The set has a great place with its 810 / 950 gr weight among its equals. When we consider that it is clincher, this weight is satisfying.

The number of spokes are less, but with the Dynamic Spoke Alignment technology the spokes and wheelset are extremely tight. This means it is a rigid set and it has a positive effect on the bike’s cornering skills. Also, it provides the rigidity you need while climbing. You shouldn’t be in doubt because of the less amount of spokes, this set gives you the confidence with its carbon rim, spokes and hub.

The ones who love to watch the valve angle’s turning when the wheels are free, step forward please. Because the smoothness of set is undeniably successful. The high volume hub sound is like a drug that causes addiction.

The only handicap about Cole C40 Lite is the finishing materials that come with it. Quick releases and brake pads could be better. Especially for the brake pads, I can say that buy new ones without using them because they are highly inefficent. Swissstop and Campagnolo brands have quality pads. Before changing the pads with better ones, you shouldn’t ride down fast.

Since the valve angle on carbon rim is bigger than the valve itself, it has ticking sound. For this reason, you should either squeeze the valve and nut with an inner tube with threaded valve or make it thick by wrap around with a proper tape. 

It’s better to take your bike to an expert about repairing or changing equipments because the wheels set has standard bearings and its spokes are positioned peculiarly.