Colnago V2-R

Not just an update: a completely new frame

Colnago has launched a new frame in the ´V-series´. The V2-r bike is severely different from the V1-r.

The rear brakes have returned to the top of the frame, the seat post clamp area changed, likewise did the head tube area. The carbon fiber has been revolutionized compared to its older brother. “It’s not just an updated frame. It’s a completely new one. We created a bike which suits for classic, climbs and flat riding”, according to Ernesto Colnago. Also other Colnago-frames have been upgraded.

On the Lissolo climb, the Colnago V2-r feels very solid. On the Lissolo, known by older cyclists as part of historical Il Lombardia-races, the V2-r has a big urge to go forward and upwards. The frame is very light: 835 grams. It is even a little lighter than the V1-r version and that makes the climb of 2.1 kilometer at 7.5% easier to tackle. It feels like all the power pushed on the pedals is transmitted into speed. Here on the slopes of the ascent it is the best place to feel the improvements compared with the V1-r. Although the frame is made of the same carbon material as the V1-r, it has been revolutionised, making it stiffer, lighter and more aerodynamic than its older brother. The lateral rigidity improved at both the bottom bracket at 13% and the head tube at four. The most eye-catching difference between both bikes is the rear brake. It has returned to the top of the frame. It is directly mounted which makes it compatible with powermeters. Next to that, it is easier to maintenance.

According to Colnago, the change did not have a lot of influence on the aerodynamics of the bike. The head tube and seat clamp have been redesigned. New is the integrated seat clamp, making the bike a little bit more aerodynamic and giving it a better look than the V1-r version. Changes in the head tube area and front fork render it stiffer and lighter, making it compatible with 28mm tires too.

On the other hand, while riding on the flat it also feels like the bike reacts a little later than usual. It seems like the bike needs a little bit more time to react to steering, although it does not take a lot to get used to. When riding on the Colnago V2-r bike, the changes compared to the first variant are sensible. Although Ernesto Colnago says the bike is for every kind of terrain, it feels best in the mountains.

The couple of grams less weight and the 2% more aerodynamics compared to V1-r, do not make a huge difference, but the improvements in stiffness really have an impact. The dark red colour suits the good-looking bike perfectly, but there are only 100 bikes of this special edition available. Colnago, who did not cooperate with Ferrari for the V2-r but instead worked together with the University of Milan, has upgraded other frames as well. The time trial bike underwent the biggest changes with more aerodynamics when having the bottle placed on the bike, vertical dropouts, electronic group sets and freshly shaped tubes. The rear brake is now compatible with all braking systems and the front brake is now in front of the frame making it 8% more aero than the previous model. The track changed a bit too. Likewise did Colnago work on the C60 series. The last series is now compatible with tires up to 30mm. The Concept Disc is more aerodynamic than before as well.

Last but not least, Colnago now have an online shop added to the website.

Written by Sjors Beukeboom, who is racing for De Volharding Team in Netherlands. Sjors is current Dutch National Champion for students and also won the Media World Cup in 2017. Stage winner of Tour de Madagascar says he loves descending even more than climbing.