Cuero Gloves

In G2, we don’t like wearing gloves. We prefer having wind hitting our hands on the slow, long climbs and on fast descents, we like some chilly feeling on our fingers. That is why, when Cuero asked us to test one of their gloves, it was a little bit of a challenge for us. We both don’t enjoy wearing them and in the end, they are just gloves. What to tell? Apparently, there are much to say about them.

Let’s talk about the ordering process. You are able to purchase the gloves here and on this link, you can find the black version of the same gloves. When you convince yourself to spend 100USD on a pair of cycling gloves, you need to measure around your hands at the knuckles and decide the size to fit. With 21cm hands, I went for size M. Even though I have skinny and long fingers, fit of the gloves are almost perfect. There are six sizes to chose between so you can go exactly your size, no need to go up or down.

After the gloves received, first thing you see is the time spent on the details. Don’t get me wrong, gloves doesn’t come in a box like a Macbook does, but you can see that Cuero spends some time for the details. After you open the plastic bag, room wills with the nice smell of genuine leather. Each of the nine panels used on one glove is precisely cut and sewn into its place perfectly. On our pair, we couldn’t find any mistake in both cutting and sewing. Amazing, if you consider all those small details goes into the production process.

Let’s talk about the riding with them. Unlike the many bicycle gloves, those do not have a gel padding under your palms. But two layers of leather under the palm gives a little bit of cushion, enough for riding bad quality roads but not for Paris-Roubaix. Fitting is perfect from the first moment but the more we used the gloves, more comfortable they get. Leather, with the sweat of the body gets softer and adopts the shape of the palm and the handlebars.

Looks? They look quite good on a modern, aero road bike but for us, the best place to use them is on a classic road bike for a commute. Gloves looks really chic that pairing them with a blazer and pair of nice trousers will give the edgy look on your way to work. Do we recommend them on a road bike training? Certainly positive.