De Marchi Carezza Base Layer

De Marchi, who’ve been in the Italian cycling world since 1946, are especially famous for their collection named Heritage and are one of the few remaining companies which still insist on manufacturing in Italy. The brand’s technical fabrics are quite successful and products on offer are pretty stylish.

The brand, which is prepared to enter in the season of 2018 with three different models of base layer, separated them into two short and one long sleeves. De Marchi Carezza is the one with long sleeves and has six different sizes with only one colour option. 67% of Carezza is manufactured with merino wool. Therefore, we can easily say that the breathing ability is just great.

I had a chance to use the base layer in many different weather conditions. Fabric quality is tremendous. It is also a fact that it keeps warm and breathe efficiently, but I cannot say that this is the warmest among the base layers I use. The Santini branded wool base layer that I mentioned earlier in another article – a bit thicker than De Marchi Carezza – was very successful in warming, especially in very cold weather. I can say that Carezza is designed to be used for a little more seasonal breaks. If you do not plan to ride a bicycle in deep winter, Carezza will meet your expectations very well. However, if you are doing climbing workouts, making long descents and staying on bicycles for more than 2-3 hours during no matter how cold the weather is, it is a good idea to choose a slightly thicker base layer.

The fit of De Marchi Carezza base layer is really slim, but the fabric is so flexible. So don’t be stressed when you’re about to buy it. For more information, check the size chart of Carezza.

You can shop at De Marchi’s website with the code gokhan15 in order to get 15% discount.