De Marchi Cortina Winter Gloves

Gloves can be considered as a must for bike rides in winter. Especially when you are riding long distances, the cold that hits your hands may return to you as a lethargy and braking disruption on your fingers. Depending on the weather, the thickness may vary, but it is useful to keep a pair of gloves in pockets.

De Marchi, who’ve been in the Italian cycling world since 1946, are especially famous for their collection named Heritage and are one of the few remaining companies which still insist on manufacturing in Italy. The brand’s technical fabrics are quite successful and products on offer are pretty stylish.

De Marchi Cortina winter gloves are one of the best I have ever used lately. In fact, I am always sceptical for the products that offer ‘all in one’ because there is always a ‘but’ for such products. I used to wear the Castelli Diluvio model last winter and I often had the problem of excessive sweating, but De Marchi Cortina is not at a disturbing level for sweating, even though it is both wind and water resistant. De Marchi uses three different layers on the outside and this naturally increases the resistance of the gloves against cold. I had the chance to test the gloves on many descents with different lengths and my hands never got cold. Not using velcro on the wrist part can be considered as an advantage or disadvantage depending on the person. It didn’t bother me because my wrists are not so terribly thin. However the fabric used on the wrist is different from the glove in general and it covers the wrists strongly. In this case it’s the best to be careful about choosing the right size from size chart.

I haven’t had the chance to test the resistant against water because I have never ridden under the rain but all my cycling clothes marketed for water resistance have had problems with water after a certain amount of time. The endurance of such products can be considered successful in terms of creating time for you to find somewhere in order to wait the rain stops. So if you continue to ride under constant rain, they will surely let the water pass inside, but it is also a fact that they protect you from getting wet till a certain point if you’re lucky enough to find a place.

The inner part and the silicone prints provide great advantage for comfort and handlebar grip. The fit of the gloves is a bit wider. I think you should have one size smaller than the gloves you normally wear, but -once again- you should examine the size chart.

In summary, I really like the feeling and performance of the De Marchi Cortina gloves and it seems that I’ll use it for whole winter.

You can shop at De Marchi’s website with a discount of 15% on gokhan15.