De Marchi Training Jacket

De Marchi, who’ve been in the Italian cycling world since 1946, are especially famous for their collection named Heritage and are one of the few remaining companies which still insist on manufacturing in Italy. The brand’s technical fabrics are quite successful and products on offer are pretty stylish.

Like other De Marchi products I’ve used, this jacket demonstrated quality as soon as I opened the packaging. The design of this winter jacket, which draws attention to its texture and lightness, is made with wind-stopper fabric. It’s really hard to feel cold thanks to the technical fabric which is used on the body and arms sections. The other type of fabric, which has great breathability, is used mostly at the back and sides of the jacket. De Marchi Training Jacket includes six different sizes and is one of the standout products of the brand for winter. It has a small pocket on the upper right hand side, a three in one pocket on the back and reflective bands which won’t annoy any design freaks out there.

Although it is often emphasised that there are jackets on the market which present as having cold protection, breathability and heating at the same time, some of them are having trouble fulfilling one or two of these elements. If you are sweating or getting extremely cold after a while, you should consider disposing of your defective jacket and upgrading to a jacket which is worth the investment in terms of the years of usage it will give you. At this point, De Marchi’s jacket is definitely the right choice. I can easily say this is the only jacket which meets all requirements in a winter jacket I have used up to now. During the days when the weather was around zero degrees in January, I wore this jacket during climbs, ups and downs, long descents and windy flats. I completed my rides without any excessive sweating or coldness in the strong wind. I must admit, the inner soft fabric is extremely successful in warming the body.

It’s very important to know how to match the winter products with each other. For example; if you use this jacket on a day when the weather is sunny and over ten degrees, you will not need to wear a long sleeved thick jersey inside. A long sleeved base layer would suffice, otherwise you will be too sweaty. If you’re unsure about how you will feel or if you don’t trust the weather, you can wear a sleeveless vest just in case; therefore you won’t get cold during long descents. On the other hand, if you want to ride during a really cold day, you can use this jacket with a long sleeved wool base layer and winter jersey. After you cover your hands and head, I assure you that you’ll have a very comfy ride.

You must study the size chart of the jersey as it doesn’t have a slim nor casual fit. It looks like the front part is wrapped around the waist, but it’s still a bit wide on the back. So you might prefer to go for one size smaller than your normal size in brands like Santini or Rapha.