De Marchi Winter Jersey

De Marchi, who’ve been in the Italian cycling world since 1946, are especially famous for their collection named Heritage and are one of the few remaining companies which still insist on manufacturing in Italy. The brand’s technical fabrics are quite successful and products on offer are pretty stylish.

This winter, the brand kept the long-sleeved jersey collection small and entered the season with just two different models. It would be wrong not to refer to them as training and race jerseys as they’ve already been presented like that on their website. De Marchi Winter Jersey has three pockets on the back with a thin reflective section on them, sold in four different colours – white, blue, black and red. In fact, we ought to state there are four pockets altogether as there is another pocket inside the pocket of one of the pockets and it’s made with sort of texture that will prevent liquid passing through it. For those who like to listen to music whilst riding, cable guides are placed inside the jersey. Behind the zipper of the long sleeve jersey is a thin fabric which stops the wind. Therefore you don’t get cold through the zipper.

If you intend to ride wearing just this jersey without any jacket, then you may need to wear long or short sleeved wool or synthetic base layers depending on the weather conditions. If you feel like you don’t need to wear any base layers, you may need to have a sleeveless gilet or vest. The inside of the jersey, which is 31% wool, warms you up, but the outside doesn’t have a wind-stopper section which can cause you to get cold during windy rides. In extremely cold weather, you can wear this jersey over your wool base layer and wear a jacket on top of it to keep yourself very warm.

I only tested this jersey in very cold and windy weather and give it full marks on all the rides I’ve done up to now. The price may be a little high; but I can definitely say you will use it frequently when the season changes from one to another and during cold weather without any rain or snow.

Buy it one size smaller to long sleeve jerseys you normally wear in brands like Rapha or Santini as the cut of the jersey is not aero or slim fit. It can be counted as casual fit. So, if you wear a size L, it would be better to choose M. For more information, look at the size chart on the brand’s website.