De Rosa SK Pininfarina

“It is a very light bike, easy to ride and when I am sprinting, I can feel all power is going from pedals to the ground” said Eduard Grosu from Nippo Vini Fantini, when we asked his opinion about the De Rosa SK Pininfarina. 24 year-old Romanian professional, who rides in the Japanese-Italian team continues; “This is the best bike I’ve had during all my career.”

The De Rosa SK Pininfarina is an original project made in collaboration with the independent Italian car design firm. Blending De Rosa’s technological perfection with Pininfarina’s elegant aesthetic, the result is a fast looking bicycle.

We can easily sat that it’s a fast machine. Very fast actually. The test bike we got from Cicli Corsa was equipped with Campagnolo EPS V3, an FSA cockpit and Bora 50 tubular wheel set. The bike was taken on a regular loop which involves a mixture of flat terrain, a steady 15km climb and a relatively technical descent. Eddy’s bike has also almost identical components to ours, and his victory in Tour of Taihu Lake is an indication of the bikes performance. Teams Japanese mechanic Hibiki Fukui was also really happy with the improvements of V3 Campagnolo EPS, saying it is much easier to set-up the groupset and maintenance.

Any input on the pedals was met with an immediate injection of pace. On the relatively flat lead-up to the climb, it was reassuringly easy to sit at 40km/h and to maintain this pace. A nice surprise is how well the bike climbs. The frame is so responsive to inputs that that you can push a bigger gear on a climb and it really highlighted that this bike isn’t a one trick pony. Descending is a blast, the frame is well balanced and the direct mount brakes provide excellent braking. The bike begs to be thrashed all the time and for this reason, it’s ideal for racing and KOM hunters.

Comfort is really important for some of the riders, especially to the racers who cannot decide where they want to ride. Nippo Vini Fantini, decided to bring SK Pininfarina to Turkey, where after each year, there is a complaint about road surfaces. With their 25mm IRC Tubulars, which weren’t really IRC, all riders were happy with their bikes comfort. Despite this almost effortless speed, the frame has little road feel and while it’s surprisingly comfortable, those seeking a bike with some soul should look elsewhere.