De Marchi Cortina Bib Tight

De Marchi, who’ve been in the Italian cycling world since 1946, are especially famous for their collection named Heritage and are one of the few remaining companies which still insist on manufacturing in Italy. The brand’s technical fabrics are quite successful and products on offer are pretty stylish.

Amongst the winter bib tights exist the hugely popular Cortina bib tights, (the brands most expensive item), a contender for becoming your closest companion on chilly winter days. The little pocket situated under the breathable fabric on the back, specialised texture with wind-stopper and breathable elements behind the kneecaps, including reflector bands on both sides near the buttocks, give exceptionally valuable distinguishing proof to the items performance. Moreover, you’ll definitely be able to use it for many years to come thanks to its flexibility and comfort.

The clear-cut pad of Cortina is one of the top pads used by the brand offering first class quality in terms of both hygiene and comfort. I can testify the product is good at keeping you warm and effective with its wind-stopper feature. Since every bib-tight sold as a “long” winter bib-tight doesn’t have both of these components, the product is fundamentally one of a kind to others now. Whilst the delicate texture inside the inner structure keep your legs warm, the outer side, including wind-stopper highlight sections, stops you getting genuinely cold amid both routine rides and long descents.

In January, I climbed up to about 1,200 altitude but didn’t get cold thanks to Cortina. Moreover, the weather was around zero degrees and the route was quite windy in some sections. At this point, as expected, it’s important how warm the rest of your body is. The warmer your core, the more time you’ll have to cool off other parts of your body.

It would be useful to look carefully at the body chart while buying products from the De Marchi brand. Try not to be languid, make sure to take fundamental size measurements since some items are not as fitted as Rapha or Santini. Generally, it’s a good idea to choose one size smaller than your ordinary fit in those brands. I preferred both the jacket and bib-tight in M instead of S and am altogether satisfied.