De Wallen Jeans

The brand De Wallen gives importance to its business and it produces jeans for the ones who are using their bikes for transportation and who are the followers of Cycle Chic trend. They assert that they were the first brand that made all their productions in Italy.

The jeans are more flexible than the normal jeans and they also have a special middle cutting area. Even if you spend so much time on the saddle these jeans can stay strong without any wear and tear. Through the different De Wallen models that getting tight to ankles, their legs do not touch the crankset. It means not only a clean riding but also a safe riding.

Bikes are not only used for sport but also for transportation and these kind of products draw interest in the countries that have this proper culture about bikes. In this market that once The Levis brand entered with its the Commuter 511 product. We believe that it’s highly possible for us to see lots of different brands and models in future. We can say that the prices are quite decent when we consider its quality. You can order via web page of De Wallen.