Giro Empire ACC

California based Giro has products for both skiing and cycling. For many years, we got used to see their helmets, sun glasses and shoes on the pro peloton and they always had kept aesthetics in their mind while designing. Those nice looking cycling goods improved slightly over the last few years and Giro made people talk about themselves with their exclusive products. Empire is one of them…

If you are like one of us, and care about how you look on the bike, Empire ACC is a shoe that you’ll love in the first sight. The perfect looking body of the shoe completed with eye catching colours and elegant laces. It is not only focused on the looks, Easton EC90 carbon fibre sole tricks the performance minded people too. So on paper, Giro Empire ACC is a nice looking, high performance shoe and there is no reason to not buy it, or is there?

Unlikely to Giro’s previous shoes, Empire ACC has a better replaceable heel pads on the sole. The support can be removed and changed, but still has a better quality material than the previous models so much more strong. With the Easton EC90 carbon fibre sole and the new support, the sole gets full points from us. Let’s look closer at main structure. 

Microfibre cover of the shoe has good ventilation, even on the warmest days. That one piece high-tech material bonded to sole quite well. But those laces, which gives the characteristic look on the shoe is the achilles of the shoe. The tightness of the ankle is not enough to keep the shoe in place and also laces are not stiff enough. So on paper, that high performance shoe is not performing high or whatsoever. Even if you tight the shoe like you’re slaughtering your worst enemy, even with Giro’s special method, laces are stretching and can’t hold your feet in place. Eventually we are talking about some cotton laces, not steel Boa ones. But even on the longest rides, Giro ACC was one of the most comfortable shoe we tested here.

In the box you are having few kinds of sole support, shoe bag for your travelling and also different colour of laces, which are the biggest advantages of the shoe, just after it’s look. If you will pay the full retail price for this comfortable shoe built with high quality materials, we don’t believe that Giro ACC is worth that price. 

Shoes fit a little bit narrower, which are really similar to sizing of the Sidi’s.