Huizapol Socks

Nowadays road cyclists get bored of textile products with giant logos on them and they seek for alternative brands which have fancy and fashionable approaches on their products. Instead of riding like a huge billboard which promotes the brand, cyclists prefer to ride with their own style. As a result of this condition, especially in last two years, many boutique brands jumped into the market with pretty cool products including jerseys, bib-tights, socks and so on.

Huizapol is a Mexican brand focused on cycling socks. This young Mexican brand, specialized in athletic socks, committed with the environment. Therefore, for every pair of socks they sell they plant a tree. You can check the details here. If you’re interested in helping them in the name of environment, don’t even think for a second to have one pair of their lovely socks. Their socks are pretty stylish and the technical features are great. We have used almost all men collection during our each type of rides and we’re really satisfied with their fabrics and breathability. Overall design of the socks can be mentioned as modern and it matches the current approaches and needs of new-age road cyclists.

The comfort of Huizapol socks are remarkably good thanks to the good quality of materials they use at manufacturing. However the reason why we write this review about Huizapol socks is not only their products but also their intentions and purposes.

The prices are reasonable when we consider the quality and the brands is a well-organised one considering the shipment time and customer service.