Northern Istanbul

Now we are changing our course to Sarıyer located in the north of İstanbul…

It can be said that Sarıyer is one of the natural areas in İstanbul and it can be reached from Bosphorus, Black Sea and Belgrad forest. You can enjoy the sea and sun in the summer. Sarıyer offers you lots of food & beverage choices and weekend activities.

It can be possible for you to create more than one route in Sarıyer. It is very easy to reach there from city centre by using the coast road. There is a great climbing with a spectacular view waiting for you from Büyükdere to Kılıçpınar, just before Sarıyer. Büyükdere had been one of the important summer resorts of İstanbul till 1950s. Still it has its own colours in spite of the decrease in the population of non Muslims and the road build after 1980.

After the climbing, trees create a green and straight road with plays of lights. After this road you can reach Bahçeköy-Kilyos road. When you turn right from this road, there will be more for you. If you don’t like to return from the same road like us, Demirciköy direction can be a great choice. There is a surprise when you turn right from Kılıçpınar, follow Kilyos road and go right to Demirciköy. We hope that you will not come across it. Because of its location, the climate and air temperature can change in Sarıyer. When we got there, there was fog that blocked our visibility distance and it was freezing cold. But this cold touch of the floating fog will remind you that you are a part of the nature.

You can reach Bahçeköy with a short and rough climbing by following Demirciköy, then Kilyos and then Zekeriyaköy roads. If you take turning to the right from Bahçeköy, you can reach the centre of Bahçeköy through a road with slight inclines. There are some corners as well. If you think that you need to have a break, instead of staying at the centre of Bahçeköy, you can ride one more kilometer through historical aqueduct, to Maslak. You can find more options there. But it is better to prepare yourself for a cup of tea instead of dreaming about frappuccino. You can have more alternatives about the rest of your trip according to the lethargy after the break.

You have three alternatives for the returning. When you ride towards Çayırbaşı under the aqueducts, this road takes you directly to Bosphorus. Or you can follow Hacıosman road and ride down from Tarabya path. You can have the wind at your back when you use these roads. We don’t recommend you to go Büyükdere Street by following Hacıosman road. Because of the heavy traffic the street is dangerous for bikes.  

Another option is to ride towards Kemerburgaz-Cendere road. Then you reach Ayazağa, Kağıthane. If you follow this route, you can reach Haliç. For this route, we recommend you to start your trip early in the morning. If you start late, especially in spring months there will be heavy traffic. Also, because of the construction in the North part of İstanbul, there are lots of trucks on roads. It can be considered as well.

In order to make it clear, our route starts from Beşiktaş and ends in Beşiktaş. But according to your condition you can prepare your alternatives and you can choose different starting points and endpoints.  

Strava Route

by Özgür Kaya