Veloflex Master

If you also stuck into the Continental, Michelin and Schwalbe triangle, it is time for you to try a new clincher / open tubular tyre. Veloflex is an Italian manufacturer, and their Master open tubulars are 100% Italian made. So you can get the same satisfaction you get from their top level tubular tires, for a much lower price and puncture fixability at side of the road.

Veloflex Master is 25mm wide, has a 320TPI casing and only 200 grams, which is the best thing that can happen to your bike. Not only hobby riders, but professionals who wants to have lesser rolling resistance prefers those tires, since the Master has the same construction as brands top level tubulars. Veloflex is really experienced on tyre manufacturing and to keep the balance between weight, durability and comfort on the tyre, they use Corespun Casing technology. In this system, cotton is rolled around a single line of filament core. That’s how the tires is much stronger in the same weight, and still gives a great comfort and handling abilities.

Veloflex claims front tyre has 3000 and rear one has 6000km’s of lifespan. Natural rubber that used during the production is increasing the handling and their strong sidewalls is better than many of their competitors. Veloflex Master is designed to be used on 4 seasons between 85 to 130PSI pressures, with great joy and comfort. But since the lifespan is only 6000km, as Veloflex claims, it can put a big hole on your budget if you are riding like a pro all year long.

Even on your first kilometers with Master’s, you can feel that tyres has a really low rolling resistance, great handling on corners regardless to the surface material. Only problem can be the process before actually riding them. Masters has a really tight fit on the rims and you can ruin a few inner tube of yours if you won’t be careful enough during the mounting.

All of the customer reviews on Wiggle, Cicli Corsa, Bikebug and Merlin Cycles, Veloflex Master’s got 5 stars from the customers and we’re sure you will also feel the same. There are red and blue rubber options except the black one we bought, but honestly, we don’t know why someone would like to buy blue tires…