Kask Protone

How many people do you know who don’t use Italian bikes or bike equipments? If the topic is about bicycles, it is inevitable to see Italian brands’ bicycles or equipments. It is very hard to find someone without a smile on his face when he sees the phrase “Fatto in Italia”.

KASK is one of the Italian brands that try to do their best for cycling industry. It has become more popular thanks to their R&D works with Team Sky and it has found a great place in market with its appealing prices for everyone in recent years.

KASK Protone model which can draw attention among the other beautiful and elegant models has brought a new dimension to the phrase aero helmet. On this helmet, there are lots of ventilation holes that can not be underestimated. It’s up to your perspective; it can be said both climber helmet or aero helmet for Protone.

M size of the helmet is 230 gr, it is light when we compare it to the other helmets in the same category but if you have obsessions about weight it is possible for you to find lighter ones. Inside part, there is a sponge surface that provides absorption of sweat and also it is anti-bacterial. This provides you the comport and hygiene you need at the same time. Besides, if you think that this removable part is dirty, you can wash it with low heat.

Although Protone has just M and L sizes, it is easy to use and set it with the Octo Fit mechanism.

Protone has a well-designed strap named ‘Eco-Leather’ and it’s the most comfortable strap we ever experienced. You don’t feel any itching need or something after long hours with helmet even.

With its large ventilation holes and elegance, Protone is a helmet that you can use many years. It has numerous colour options as well and it comes with a bag which will prevent any scratch on it during any carriage.