Race Fender Cargo Holder

Michał Gzela, the owner and founder of Race Fender started the project in 2014 with his girlfriend in Cracow, Poland, between their final exams and Michał’s downhill races. They started the company with only one product, a front fender for mountain bikes, that we really don’t care at all, and they kept producing several mountain bike equipment. That is the reason, even though Michał is living in the same city with one of us, we’ve never heard about his brand or met him before, until they started to sell their Cargo Holders.

In G2, we try to review products that make us excited, and Race Fender’s Cargo Holder is one of them. It has a really basic design that solves a lot of problems on road or bikepacking. As you can imagine by the name, it is a tool to carry your stuff on your bike. Simply, use the Velcro strap to mount the Cargo Holder and clamp your jacket, sleeping bag, inner tube or rotisserie chicken with the silicon straps. That is all, that simple and that efficient.

There are two models on sale currently, weighing between 15 to 25 grams depending on the size, Cargo Holder is lighter than the lightest water bottle on the market and still give you the flexibility to carry anything you want. On our road bike, we put two, large size Cargo Holders on our handlebars to carry our sleeping bag, like we use a handlebar bag, and few small ones on the top of the top tube to carry random stuff.

Because of the basic design, Cargo Holder is really very versatile. With two different lengths of Velcro straps, you can mount it anywhere on your bike. If they are too long or too short, you can simply use zip ties to secure them anywhere, from frame tubes, to saddle, from fork legs to even on your helmet (if you need to!). Silicon frame and arms creates great friction so carrying heavy bags or tools are not a problem neither, there will be dampening between the tool and your bike always.

Small Cargo Holder is good for tools, tubes, clothing or foods, while the large one will be useful to carry sleeping bags, small water bottles or small dry-bags. But don’t forget that they are still made out of silicone, so there is a chance that you will be able to destroy the arms, like we did when we tried to attach a too large sleeping mattress.

In the end, with prices between 10 to 12 Euros, Cargo Holder is a great tool for every kind of cyclists, weather you need to carry extra stuff on bike, empty your pockets or just need extra storage for your bikepacking trip.

You can check Race Fender website here and see all their products.