Veloflex Roubaix Tubular

Even if we were quite happy with out Challenge Strada tires, we had to change them because of some manufacturing defect. Cicli Corsa was the website we purchased the tires, and they had no problem when we wanted to have Veloflex Roubaix instead. Even without paying the price difference.

Veloflex is an Italian made manufacturer who has a top level quality understanding. Their home-made tires go into a really strict quality control process before sales so when you read the ride reviews they all are 100% positive.

Veloflex Roubaix tires has a quite well puncture production belt even the weight is only 290 grams for 25mm and has 320TPI casing. Tires shows great handling on the corners but will has a quite good rolling resistance. They are quite tough and has a good handling in wet conditions, so we can easily say that they are good for all seasons. Veloflex says rear has 3000, front has 6000km using life.

To keep the balance between weight, durability and comfort on the tyre, Veloflex uses Corespun Casing technology. In this system, cotton is rolling around a single line of filament core. Thats how the tires is much stronger in the same weight, and still gives a great comfort and handling skills.

There are two small things you need to be careful. Valves are 42mm high so if you are planning to use them on a deep section carbon wheel, you need valve extenders. Secondly, to improve the rolling resistance, Veloflex uses latex inner tubes in their tubular. Latex tubes are an absolute joy to ride, but you need to check the tire pressure before each ride since they constantly lose pressure.

On the sidewall of the tires, you will see the 6-9 BAR (85-130 PSI) information for the lowest and highest pressure they will take. We tested the tires on 90, 100 and 130 PSI pressure, taped on our 3T Orbis II T35 LTD wheelset for both Merida Scultura 7000-E and Orbea Orca bikes. Tires passed all the test with a perfect score, where we rode them on high speeds, fast corners and bad roads to check the comfort. Only drawback was, when we were riding same width Challenge Strada tires, we felt that they are a bit more comfortable.

Veloflex uses the same pattern and rubber on their open tubular tires, and you can find them online from Merlin Cycles, Wiggle or like we did, Cicli Corsa. On the first look they look a bit overpriced, but you will have a huge smile on your face when you ride them the first time.