Santini Wool Base Layer

The Santini brand, which has been producing clothing for the professional cycling world since 1965, is run by the Santini family who are still manufacturing almost all products in their own fabric located in Lallio, Bergamo.

Concentrating on quality-focused products that we are used to seeing on many professional teams, Santini continues to maintain its position as one of the best brands regarding textile quality. Although it’s sometimes seen as a brand which is somewhat customary and consistent with its own qualities, Santini never abandons trying to manufacture the best possible product in the market.

When the weather starts to cool down, we all need base layers in our wardrobe. We need to wear base layers to protect our core. Long or short sleeves, wool or not, what is expected from a base layer is actually quite clear. It should not cause a bad smell, breathability should be at a good level and of course it must keep us warm. I’m familiar with Santini’s success both in terms of design and performance of the wool, but I hadn’t tried any of the wool base layers before. However, Santini passed the test effectively after I tried the base layer.

Santini wool base layer is made of 80% wool and it is elastic in structure. Therefore, whatever size you prefer on Santini jerseys, you can choose the same size for wool base layers as well. If you’re not sure, go for the smaller size because it has a great elasticity. I used the base layer more than once. My core and arms were kept completely warm during these rides whilst wearing a wool base layer, long sleeved jersey and thick wind jacket. Since I managed to keep my core warm, my hands didn’t get cold quickly. I started to feel the cold on my hands after the second hour of riding. After I finished my ride, I checked the base layer and it wasn’t too wet and hadn’t started smelling bad either.

It is on sale right now on Santini’s website and I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a good wool base layer.