Merida Scultura 7000-E

Merida, world’s one of the big bicycle companies, has started to concentrate on marketing more than usual since 2015. It started to attract more people with its technology, its success in producing bicycles and the renewed concept.

The brand has the opportunity to show its bicycles with the Team Lampre Merida and it improves itself as the consequence of the debates with the team every year and offers remarkable innovations every year.

Scultura is one of the models that receives it’s share from innovations. We have been inspecting this Merida Scultura 7000-E for for some time and first, it has two remarkable points. First one is lightness, second one is the rear brake. We made up Scultura with equipments that have good quality and you can feel its lightness during every ride. Especially, it charms the ones who enjoy climbing and it has launched a new area on lateral rigidity. Although it has such rigidity, you don’t feel that annoying stiffness during the ride. It has become a race machine with its cornering skills, trustable character of bottom brackets and the rigidity that make you feel you don’t waste your power.

When the Double Chamber Technology and Nano Matrix Carbon come together, the durable frame appeared. The new technologies of Merida show the importance it gives to the quality of riding and strength. You can spend long hours on Scultura 7000-E with its frame geometry and it has the potential to provide great handling when you need to be aggressive. Moreover, you can use 28 mm tyres with it.

We can compare the old and new models of Scultura, new ones look more clean. The cables cannot be seen that much, rear brake cannot be noticed at first glance. If we don’t consider the difficulty of cleaning when it is very dirty, it can be said that the rear brake behind the bottom bracket doesn’t have any disadvantages. Of course, these things are not just for the appearance. Merida says that, the new models are more aero than the old model of Scultura.

Briefly, we tested the Merida Scultura 7000-E with Sram Red groupset and Cole C40 Lite wheelset. We can say that, it is a race machine which is not too hard/stiff to bother you by making you feel discomfortable and still performs well. And of course, it is cut out for the king of mountains.

If Merida, whose distributor is Aslı Bisiklet in Turkey, goes on like this with its colour options, labour and the concept that has the spirit of time, it will be much more popular with its technology.