Selle Royal Seta S1

One of the important manufacturer of saddle, Selle Royal appears with a saddle for the ones who are passionate about upgrading something when it comes to road bicycles.

Seta S1 was produced in a way that can satisfy the users of aggressive riding position with the focus on performance. We have good news for the ones who want to prefer the same brand’s other saddle options with higher prices or the ones who want to practice with this saddle similar to the famous brand Fizik: This saddle’s price performance line is pretty high. The performance it offers can not be underestimated when we compare it with its affordable price.

Selle Royal Seta S1 is similar to Fizik Arione with its narrow form. As if it emphasizes on their common point with Fizik brand, now it has the accessories part at the back, the integrated clip system. These kind of long saddles can split off from the frame when long rails can not support them enough, they can be destroyed or they can be even twisted. Seta S1’s long rails were positioned to prevent it. This feature made Seta S1 which is more economical than Fizik Arione, comfortable and durable. The textured top and gloss sides decreased the force of friction and ease your movements on the saddle.

It was written 230 gr when we checked the information but the one we tested was 220 gr and it was used different types of ridings. If you are not obsessed about the weights of your equipments and if you have the proper pelvis size for these narrow saddles, we can say that you will be happy with this saddle.