Sram Red 22

Sram is one of the group set producers that has a fame like Campagnolo and Shimano. At the top of the group sets for road bicycle it has Sram Red.

Red is one step forward from other group sets when we consider its lightness.  It’s the ideal one with its single piece, durable and super light cassette for the ones who are obsessed about building a light bike. We have tested Sram Red with a light frame just like it is; Merida Scultura 7000- E.

Sometimes Double- Tap technology can be a disaster for the ones who prefer to use Sram. But it is better to ignore the exaggerated comments, yet it will take just few ridings to get used to this technology. You can review how to shift with Double-Tap from hereTo make it simple; two buttons aren’t used unlike Schimano and Campagnolo, you can gearshift up (up to three gears at once) and down with one button. Maybe for the first rides you can have shifts more than one but when you get familiar with the system you will be able to shift easily. 

Sram Red has a great performance about shifting. With a well-adjusted shift brake control and rear derailleur, the chain can dance on cassette as you wish. If you want to learn about the feeling of shifting, we can say that it is similar to Campagnolo’s top level group sets.

Sram Red is the one about durability and lightness with its single piece and hollow steel cassette which offers 11- 32 choice for the ones who like to tire their bikes with climbing. The steel cassette is the favourite one also for the professional cyclists. With the well-adjusted rear derailleur and well- maintained chain, you can have super silent ridings. Engineers of Sram have thought over about durability, yet every single cog has been designed in order to reduce the vibration and friction.

Shift brake controls are not appeal to everyone. It is successful and it can offer great shifting but it is not suitable for every type of finger and hand. Moreover, we can’t say that it has a great aesthetics. If you don’t feel comfortable with Sram group sets, the first reason will be the design of shift brake control. We didn’t have any problems about braking or shifting but when it comes to hold the hoods and using the power we saw that everyone had a different idea. We have a note for the ones who love to toy with shift brake controls. You can adjust both the brake and shift lever independent from each other. With this way you can make the performance better.

Sram takes away the chain friction and called it Yaw and gets the best point from users but again the same people have problems with front derailleur. Front derailleur needs too many adjustments and with a little lack of adjustment it prevents you to shift. You should be careful about this. The chain moves faster on chain ring. And also, you don’t need to make little touches, trim, unlike other brands. It is possible to have smooth shifting with well- adjusted front derailleur. Click here in order to watch how to adjust front derailleur, Yaw.

Sram Red’s crankset is really a good-looking one when compared to many others such as the latest Campagnolo cranksets. It is a lightweight crankset and comes with its BB30 compability. Although considering its lightness, it is not behind of its rivals in the name of rigidity thanks to its well- engineered connection bridges between the carbon fiber crank arms and ultra durable rings.

Sram Red demands a lot of care but it offers perfect shifting when it is well- adjusted. It falls behind Campagnolo Record and Super Record because of the quality of some materials. It seems that, in order to make it lighter, they made concessions from front derailleur and shift-brake controls. When we consider the performance and effectiveness it has some rivals. It can be preferred easily because it has a light and durable cassette, it is cheaper than the similar ones, and it has unique technologies.

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