Stelbel SB/03

Stelio Belletti founded Stelbel in 1973, and quickly became an internationally recognised custom frame builder. His experience as a TIG welder in the aeronautic and racing motorcycle industry led him to develop TIG-welded road frames, which at the time was unheard of. His unique and patented fork made entirely of steel tubing without the use of lugs has become an iconic symbol of the Stelbel brand. He still remains a mentor for the Stelbel brand, offering knowledge and experience to the frame design process.

In 2013, Andrea Cimò and Alessandro Caccia, owners of the Italian Cycling Company Cicli Corsa Snc, breathed a second life into the Stelbel brand producing frames with the same attention to detail and technique that set the Stelbel brand apart. The modern Stelbel models have a clean, simple aesthetic that let the technical and mechanic characteristics of each frame shine through.

All of their frames are custom-made to order in Italy out of custom-developed Columbus tubing. There are 8 different models to choose from: Pista, Strada, Strada Super, Ortica, Nina, Rodano, SB/03 and Antenore. All  designed with modern manufacturing techniques to satisfy both the classic bicycle lovers as well as those who like modern vibes on steel bicycles.

The Stelbel SB/03, which differs from Stelbel Rodano in terms of both geometry and driving characteristics, is a race-type road bike. With a relatively short chainstay and wheel space, the geometry gets a slightly more aggressive identity. Thanks to the thickness of the tubes and new generation T47 bottom bracket which increase the rigidity of the frame, SB/03 is little bit heavier (with a total of 100 to 200 grams depending on your measurements) than her sister Rodano. If you like the position of aggressive posture on the road bike and you’re not keen on falling into the calculation of grams, getting Stelbel SB/03 will be a wise decision. We also think that you should not pursue such a light weight on steel bikes because you are compromising the handling and cornering skills of the bicycle.

When talking about stiffness, it is important to remember that steel bicycles are very good ones, because steel bicycles, which are produced by using high-grade tubes, are very good at absorbing impact and vibration. So it basically means they are both stiff and smooth. We have tested the bicycle with two different wheel sets which are Campagnolo Bullet Ultra 50mm Clincher and 3T Orbis II T35 LTD. We believe that the tubular wheelsets have positive impact on the riding pleasure and bicycle character, but the response given by this bicycle with clincher wheelset both in the ups and downs was extremely satisfactory and it surely gives an important tip about the engineering of this frame. We’re sure that you will fall in love with it in a short period of time with stability, consistency at the corners and a feeling of driving confidence.

Since the tubes are specially produced and shaped for this model by Columbus, it would be wrong to tell you that they are made from a single tube or to specify the tube model. You can get more detailed information about this subject by communicating with the brand.

When you order your personalised frame, not only is the geometry and size customisable, but you can also choose any color under the rainbow. However, if you think you’ve already decided on a specific color, we don’t recommend you look at their social media accounts because each bike looks better than the last, and it will almost certainly make you doubt your color choice. At this point, we can’t but compliment them on their remarkable paint jobs.

After you decide what model to order, you can simply send an email to

After placing a deposit with them, it take approximately 4 months for the frame to produce. Not only can you customise your new frame, you can also customise the groupset, wheels, and accessories to match the frame.