Challenge Strada Tubular

Challenge one of the successful brands about producing tubular tyres just like Vittoria and Veloflex offers good products especially for road and cyclo-cross bikes. We have had the chance to test Strada design of Challenge, which has Roubaix, Criterium, Forte models designed for every kind of road, with two different bikes and wheelsets.

Challenge Srtada Tubular which is 25mm wide, makes you feel its quality at first sight because it’s handmade and it has high TPI level. We have used them with 90, 100, and 120 PSI and you can see these tyres on professional cyclists’ bikes as well. These tyres’ rolling resistance is extremely low. Handling and cornering abilities of them are extremely successful just like the other high quality tubular tyres. In addition, the comfort they provide with 100 PSI is amazing.

The result we have had was really good when we tilt the bike as far as we could on sloping and winding roads. While we were using the tyres with the wheelset built with Ambrosio Nemesis rims on steel Guerciotti Record bike, we had the maximum pleasure one could have thanks to bike’s geometry and the centre of gravity. We didn’t experience any situation that caused deviation or insecurity neither in the front nor in back.  Regardless of the speed, their ability to corner was successful and reassuring. This didn’t chance when we tested the tyres on 3T Orbis II T35 LTD design wheelset. We had a comfortable and reassuring ride again. Strada’s handling with high speed was successful on both bikes and wheelsets. You can be sure about that it will not affect your bike’s smoothness negatively.

Strada which has flat protection technology named PPS weighs 285gr and you can use it between 90 – 175 PSI depending on your wheels’ rims. The weight is quite good for a 25mm wide tyre that offers both comfort and performance. By the way, because of the latex inner tube the tyres lose air slowly. It is better to control your tyres just before your ride. This is the only disadvantage about latex inner tube. Through latex inner tube that connects to the external structure seamless tyre’s rolling resistance is effected positively.

As you know, you can stick tubular tyres to the wheelsets in two ways. You can use either rim tape or glue. We used rim tape to stick the tyres with the wheelset. But the result didn’t change even though we have used different wheelsets and different tapes. There was vibration and leaping both in front and in back. We thought that it was because of the valve and we were more careful while taping again but nothing has changed. When we spinned the tyres in order to find the reason for leaping, the deformation on tyre structure could be seen clearly. Moreover, this deformation wasn’t on valve part. We thought that it was because of the production and informed Cicli Corsa where we provided the tyres and they approved warranty coverage without making a fuss. Apparently, they had problems about some of the products and Challenge brand informed its dealers about this.

The problem we have experienced was about production so it is better not to make any criticism about tyre’s performance or durability. You can use Strada easily on almost every type of road, moreover on slightly bad roads. It can satisfy you about performance. We are sure that you won’t have any question marks in your mind when you read the comments on websites like Wiggle and Bike 24. Be sure that Strada will suit you bike with its appearance and quality. Also, these days you have the chance to buy it from Ciclo Corsa’s website without paying money for shipping.